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Children’s Publications Co., Ltd. (CPL) is the most experienced supplier for both local and international originality in terms of editorial, marketing and publishing contents in Taiwan.Since its establishment in 1994, CPL specializes in producing professional and high quality children’s picture books. As one of the leading children’s book publishers in Taiwan, CPL broke its fresh ground under a very simple yet truly significant idealism from the very beginning of the business.

Idealism of Establishment

  • to grow up happily with our children and to become a learning partner for families in Taiwan;
  • to publish professional works and delicate to children’s picture books;
  • to develop both locally and internationally known children’s books in order to meet the needs of domestic reading habit and educational environment;
  • to utilize our more than 20 year experience in marketing and educational consultation while serving and programming learning scheme for our potential customers.

Features of Our Products

Children’s Publications Co. Ltd. (CPL) collaborates closely with the authoritative and professional scholars and consultants in fields such as arts, literature, languages, nature, science, and children’s education. CPL also cooperates with publishers and media companies globally in producing world-famous publications. Above all, it owns an outstanding and experienced editorial team in children’s literature, children’s enlightenment, computer technology, music, art education as well as the appreciation of art to make our idealism into a being. Up to the year of 2003, CPL has already published more than a thousand products, including picture books, DVD, VCD, CD-ROM, games, plush toys, jigsaw puzzles, and pop-up playbooks and etc. Our publications are not only rich in educational significance but also fill with literature and great fun. Most of our products have received plenty medallion and recommendations from media, publishing related awards, and professional scholars. And moreover, we are an exclusive publisher in Taiwan that carries world-famous titles such us Peter Rabbit and Ladybird series.

Our Prospects

In order to become one of the leading enterprises of knowledge and intellectual products in the 21st century in Taiwan, CPL will concentrate more on producing the most initiatives, practical, fastest, and interesting teaching material, children’s readings, music, animations and family edutainment oriented products. To do so, the technique of digital contents will be widely involved in traditional publications.

Media Reports(Publishers Weekly)

Now in its 18th year of operation, Children’s Publications Co Ltd (CPL) has produced more than one thousand titles, of which 85% are translations. The list includes picture books, pop-up playbooks, games, jigsaw puzzles, plush-and-plastic and audio-visual products. Many are multi-volume illustrated series geared for those below 12 years of age. Among its recent bestsellers are Peter Rabbit, The Rainbow Fish, First Discovery and Ladybird series as well as original works Siraya Boy and The Little Owl of the Orchid Island. (The latter has been sold to Japan and Korea.)

“Both Siraya Boy and Little Owl are about nature, and have sold in excess of 20,000 copies,” says chairman and CEO Robert Lin. “Siraya Boy’s illustrator is none other than You-ran Zhang, award-winning illustrator at Bologna 2001, who has effectively transferred his love and appreciation for nature into beautiful illustrations while The Little Owl is illustrated and written by avid birdwatcher Haw-ren Ho,” Lin’s team has also published works by other homegrown talents such as Man-qiu Lin (The Hopeful Seeds, Little Sparrow in the Gallery), Ying-fan Chen (The Secrets of Yu-Gin Mango).

The coming months will see several new titles, including Margaret Wise Brown’s The Important Book, Susan Meddaugh’s Martha Blah Blah and Martha Speaks, Joy Cowley’s Snake and Lizard, and Alvin Hall’s Show Me The Money. The latter will kick-start Lin’s program for a series of investment-like books that teach children about money. “In today’s society, it is important for kids to start acquiring knowledge about money and investment as early as possible so that they can manage their allowances wisely. We are also working with Pennsylvania-based Sandvik Innovations to co-publish a 12-book series for pre-schoolers, teaching them math, writing, reading and so on. At the same time, our team is collaborating with a group of local writers and illustrators to produce a six-volume set on southern Taiwan cuisine. Through this series, children will learn about their own culture and get to appreciate it.”

Interestingly, about 60% of CPL sales are through direct selling (especially door-to-door and multilevel marketing); the rest via retail. “It helps, of course, that we are the exclusive publisher for brands such as Peter Rabbit and the Ladybird series—classics and proven titles that literally sell by themselves. Going forward, we are focused on producing the most innovative and user-friendly materials to meet the needs of children in this age of the Internet and iPad era. You can be sure of seeing more digital content alongside traditional publications from CPL in the near future,” adds Lin.